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Feb 1 - Women of Rare 

This year, #FebRAREuary spotlights women. #Rarewomen are authentic, ferocious, vulnerable, true to themselves, breaking barriers, facing struggles, unstoppable, fearful, unwavering in their spirit, unsure of themselves, charting new paths, stigmatised, determined, unconventional, courageous. #Rarewomen are of all stripes. “Rare Women” our theme for this year’s campaign, uncovers and explores the stories of women in the rare disease community, advancing the cause of rare diseases, making scientific and other breakthroughs in rare diseases. The campaign will highlight the contributions and sacrifices of women; their unique challenges and their incredible strength. Studies show that when women are empowered the entire community benefits. Join us in learning about women and rare diseases.

#HerRareStory #RareDiseaseDay #HerRarePower

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