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Feb 10 - Sirisha KV

🌟 Meet Sirisha KV: An Inspiring OI Warrior 🌟

Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) also known as Brittle bone disease , a rare genetic disorder, Sirisha KV's journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges in her childhood due to a lack of proper diagnosis, she's now a beacon of strength as an independent working woman, breaking stereotypes and barriers along the way.

Sirisha's unwavering spirit shines through despite the hardships of living with Brittle Bone Disease. Her upbringing, filled with love and support from her parents, paved the way for her resilience and inner strength. Despite societal misconceptions about her capabilities, her parents ensured she received a quality education, fueling her confidence and ambition.

Today, Sirisha is celebrated as an OI warrior, with accolades including national awards for her outstanding contributions in employment and empowerment of persons with disabilities. Her journey from a data entry operator to her current role in the Banking sector showcases her perseverance and determination to thrive in a supportive workplace environment.

Beyond financial independence, Sirisha's job provides her with a platform to advocate for inclusivity and raise awareness about disabilities in society. Her aspirations extend to empowering individuals with rare disabilities and challenging societal norms.

Sirisha's story reminds us that with determination and support, one can overcome any obstacle. Let's join her in creating a more inclusive world where everyone's potential is recognized and celebrated!

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