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Feb 17 - Kam Redlawsk Pt.1

Kam Redlawsk is an award-winning patient advocate, designer, artist and writer. She has designed an array of products ranging from cell phones, toys, electronics and the world's cheapest prosthetic knee joint for under-served countries. As an advocate, Kam has been a voice for the rare disease and disabled communities for over 15 years. Kam uses her design skills and life experiences on creative projects that elevate and celebrate disability and inclusion in order to educate a society that has very little disability representation.

Hear from Kam on how she was inspired to create her new book:

“In 2012, I was home working alone when I had a fall. At this stage I was no longer able to get myself up from the floor, so my husband who worked an hour away had to come help me. As I laid there waiting, I imagined it was a furry monster foot that tripped me. He was the reason why I was falling all the time. This moment allowed me to see that my GNE and I have a relationship, and we must learn to understand and live together, if we are to make it through life. After I got off the floor, I immediately drew this imagined “Monster and Me” scene in my head. Through this story I hope even more people will learn about GNE Myopathy.”

Kam has been covered in mainstream news media including LA Times:

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