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Feb 18 - Kam Redlawsk Pt.2

Kam shows what is possible even when all possibilities end. She helped to expand GNE Myopathy advocacy in America, and connected GNE myopathy patients worldwide, in a time when patients weren’t connected or publicly advocating for rare diseases. She raised money for GNE myopathy. Her work gives strength to those with rare diseases who may feel that all is lost.

“Life may look different with a disability, but a good life is still possible. This is why, in part, I advocate so much, because I want disabled people and society to know we are still human with the ability to dream and live.

#febRAREuary #RareDiseaseDay #rarewomen #GNEmyopathy #womeninfocus #KamRedlawsk #MonsterandMe

Every bit counts! Please consider donating. 

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